Saturday, April 23, 2011

MAC Lipstick - Pink Plaid

I feel this doesn't get enough love, perhaps because it's a matte lipstick and people tend to generally shy away from these. I personally love matte lipsticks and how natural they can look. I know people may not like them because they can look extremely streaky and dry and flaky, basically unflattering, but when applied correctly it looks amazing!

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What I do is make sure my lips are smooth, by exfoliating, and then apply a soft lip balm. I remove the excess and apply the lipstick directly from the tube and smooth everything out either with a brush or with a clean finger (when I'm on the go), and then apply another layer directly from the tube. The end result is fantastic!

The color itself is a light pink with a blue-ish undertone to it, which, if you didn't know, generally make your teeth look whiter.

Do try it out next time your at a MAC counter!