Friday, April 22, 2011

Love/Hate Relationship Conditioner

So I'm here to tell you about my love/hate relationship with this conditioner from Garnier. I don't know about the availability of this product worldwide, I know that the line is typically called Ultra DOUX instead of the portuguese Ultra SUAVE. This is the conditioner with vegetable hydrating milk (vegetable? how do you get milk from vegetables :/ ?)

So this smells amazing! I love it! It reminds me of Cook Island dancers (don't ask me why) and coconuts and something really really soft!

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It leaves my hair feeling silky and extremely soft and light, which I love! And it de-tangles it quite well too!

It's marked towards normal hair so I can get away with using it normally, because my hair isn't really dry, it sometimes gets oilier when I'm in traffic a lot for instance.

And something really important is that it doesn't have parabens! If you don't know what parabens are,they're basically preservatives that are added to shampoos, cosmetics, soaps, you name it, that have been proved to be toxic, especially towards women. Just look it up!

So it smells amazing, it leaves the hair feeling amazing, doesn't grease it or dry it up, it de-tangles it and it's paraben-free... what could be wrong with it?

Well, I have to use such an enormous amount of product that I get through a whole bottle in 6 or 7 uses! I wash my hair every 3 to 4 days so I get through the whole bottle in about a month! I normally take about 3 to 4 months to finish a bottle of conditioner because I don't need a lot of product: my hair is a little below shoulder length and it's kind of thick but I don't need a lot of it because I concentrate most of the product in the ends of the hair.

But the Garnier conditioner is so liquid that I need to use about 1 and half handful to cover the hair a walnut sized quantity of "normal" conditioner would cover perfectly!

That is why I sometimes hate this product.

Will I be repurchasing it?

Probably because it's 3€ per 200 ml so I think it's quite cheap. But I will be trying other conditioners before I swear by this one.

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