Thursday, April 21, 2011


Hi everyone!

For my first post I thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself: my name is Mary, I'm from Portugal and there were 21 candles on my last birthday cake. I am currently in college and have an unhealthy obsession with make-up, skincare, nailpolish, jewelry, fashion, anything a material girl from nowadays likes :)

A little background on my obsession:

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I was glued to the computer for the next hours, watching almost every single video she had in her channel. I then proceeded to watch her sister's channel, who talked even more enthusiastically about make up. Needless to say, I'm talking about the Fowler sisters, Elle aka Allthatglitters21 and Blair aka Juicystar07. I never knew people could be so passionate about make up and beauty products!

My obsession had begun.

I have loved make up ever since I was a little girl, when I would sneak up my mother's lipstick stash and messily but thoroughly applied red lipstick on my lips and a little of the chin. My love, though, had never sprung beyond the drugstore mascara and eyeliner on an everyday basis, and a squirt of foundation a shade too dark for my skin.

The love started in March 2010, when I was on vacation and say the mentioned videos above, and ordered plenty of make up online. I then found out that MAC was all the hype on YouTube, so I went to the MAC store and went, frankly, crazy! My obsession had begun.

From then on, my collection grew and grew, the obsession spread to nail polish, skin care and jewelry and now I am starting this blog, for me to share my loves, obsessions, hauls, as well as dislikes and hates (hey, one must know the best and worst to form a solid opinion).

So, after this long introduction, if you're still here: kudos and thanks!

I'll try to upload this blog as much as I can, with both beauty and personal interests :)

Hope you enjoy!

xoxo, Mary

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