Thursday, May 19, 2011

NOTD - May 19th

Studying for finals has its toll on my boredom, and the nails are the ones that pay for it. I have been changing my nails pretty much every single day for the past two weeks. Not the best thing for the nails, I know, but it's just a phase... i hope. And I haven't posted anything in a long while, so I thought I'd post the nails of the day everyday. One thing I have kept consistent, though, is having an accent glitter nail. It's a really big trend this year and I love it!

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Today I decided to wear one of my favorite nail polishes ever: OPI's Lucky Lucky Lavender. From all the lilacs/lavenders/berries I own, this is, by far, my favorite yet! I wouldn't say it's a lavender color, it's more on the pinkier side. OPI's Do You Lilac It? is definitely a darker lavender color, but I still haven't managed to put my hands on it.

On the accent nail I have OPI's Katy Perry Collection Teenage Dream. It's a gorgeous glitter with a ton of pink shimmer to it. It's a pink sheer color with silver shimmer and silver light chunky glitter. Layered on top of any color, it will add a beautiful glitter accent.

If you still can, get your hands on both these colors, especially the Teenage Dream, because there are so many different ways of using it! I'm sure it will pop up in future NOTD :)

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